Best Projectors Under 10000 || Things to Consider Before Buying One

Enjoying vibrant and unmatched picture quality does not only need a television! Get the feel of being in a theatre with projectors that can offer large pictures from as small as 30″ to large as 200 inches! There are so many projectors that can brighten your lives! Making a choice might be a bit of a problem for you! Lucky for you, I am here to help. I have for you a list of some of the best projectors under 10000 INR! Get the theatre experience in your own home or even office at such a reasonable cost!

Here are the Best Projectors Under 10000 INR

Egate I9 Display LED Projector

Being one of the best projectors under 10000 INR, this promises a bigger Picture, better pixels, and brighter image. This projector is luxury at its most affordable price. It has a 1280× 720p HD resolution which results in 80% more pixels. This, in turn, means that you get better picture quality. To add-on, it has 2400 lumens, and 60% increased brightness to make the picture clear and bright. It comes with a 150″ large screen to give you a cinema experience! It comes with 200:1 making the picture quality unmatched! You get to enjoy all the colour representation of a LED widescreen TV at a lower cost because it uses life long combined with a high-quality LCD.

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Play full HD LED Latest Projector

This is a 35 to 120 inch home theatre projector. It is useable in the office, at home, at school, for presentations and entertainment. It is an extremely portable device that is fit to store anywhere or carry around. This high-quality projector can play videos straight from Pen Drive. It has different multi-media interfaces like USB, AV, VGA. You can do an electrical zoom by using the remote control. It has a lamp life of 50,000 hours. It has 2700 lumens for increased play brightness. The contrast ratio is 3000:1, where the supported resolution is 1920×1080. Click here to read my another article on best laptop Tables under 1500 INR.

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EG Micrast 6× LED projector 

This projector sure beats a television. You can transform your home into a theatre with this 180-inch projector. You can connect to this projector in several ways, making it one of the best projectors under 10000 INR. It comes with pre-installed YouTube. There is an inbuilt Wi-Fi that allows you to explore and enjoy YouTube. It can work with Amazon Firestick. All you have to do is plug-in Firestick and gain access to Netflix, Prime, and HotStar, among other streaming services. With Micrast, the powerful built-in mirroring supports your smartphone and other devices, whether on Android, IOS, or windows. There is a seamless virtual connection to all your devices and gadgets.

Moreover, you can also connect your set-top box be it HD or non HD on this 180-inch screen. It comes with a built-in dual box speaker for enhanced sound. It comes with dual HDMI. There is also a high-speed USB port that can support large capacity Pen drive and HDD bufferless flow of data. The LED lamp life is up to 30000 hours.

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Miracle Digital 1200 Lumens Portable Mini LED Projector

This is a compact projector that is highly portable! The LED lighting provides 1200 lumens for better brighter picture quality. It is made from super technology and can give colour even in a dark environment. The lamp life is long-lasting and can last up to 50,000 hours! It has low power consumption and is extremely durable. This projector has multiple menu languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Portuguese. This projector can support HD port, AV SD USB VGA. It has built- stereo speakers. What’s more is you can connect Firestick to be able to view Netflix, Prime, and HotStar.

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WZATCO M6 720p Portable LED Projector

It might interest you to note that this is India’s first projector to support an 8digit LTPS LCD panel display. This automatically makes it one of the best projectors under 10000 INR. The image from this projector is clear, strong with vibrant colours because of the 3300 lumens it comes with. It is coupled with, 4000:1 contrast ratio. This device is used for varying activities for kids and adults alike throughout the day! This projector is 1.6 kg and 8″ ×5″ ×6.5″ making it portable. It also comes with a leather handle to help you carry it. This allows you to walk around with your 60″-120+” inch screen around!

Further, the lamp life of a projector is 20 000 hours! It has a 6 W dual stereo with SRS and Dolby! The optical engine is sealed to protect it against dust. A Keystone correction allows you to adjust the screen manually easily. What’s more, this projector is also used as a speaker by wirelessly connecting it to your phone as a blue tooth speaker! It has a wide connectivity range inclusive of but not limited to, HDMI, USB, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, Xbox, DVD, PC, and laptop!

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Myra Q7 1080P Led Projector 

This projector is suitable only for home entertainment and not for an office setting! It is brighter than regular projectors, with brighter and clearer images. This projector has an 800*480P native resolution and can support full HD 1080P, with a dynamic contrast ratio of 3000:1. It supports multi-connectivity. It has a USB port, AV, HDMI, VGA, SD interface. This device can also connect to any iOS or Android phone! You can decide the size of the picture by the distance of the projection! If you are closer, you get a smaller image, and you can get a bigger picture when you are far away.

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BIGVUE Mini LED Projector

This is a two in one device. It can also act as a stereo speaker. This qualifies it as one of the best projectors under 10000 INR! It adopted the latest 4.0 LCD technology with advanced LED light sources. It is brighter than other projectors because of the 3000 lumens coupled with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The projector can expand up to 180 inches. It is recommended you use this projector at a distance of 5-8 feet. It comes with built-in speakers for enhanced, quality sound. There are several input outlets. This projector can be operated with HDMI, VGA, USB, Micro SD, RCA AV interfaces. You can also connect many devices like PC, laptops, Xbox consoles, and smartphones. You can also use the Firestick and Chromecast.

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PUNNKK P6WIFI Mini LED Video Projector

This projector boasts of a 100-inch image. There is plus or minus 15-degree keystone correction. This projector supports a laptop, PC, or USB flash disk. This compatibility allows you to enjoy broad entertainment like watching videos, playing games, or even scanning files. The recommended projection distance is 1.5 to 2 meters. The lifespan of the LED lamp reaches up to 50 000 hours! It has 2000 lumens with a contrast ratio of 1500:1. It can support 1080 P and has a native resolution of 1080 pixels! This quality projector offers you several key features at a less cost. That makes this one of the best projectors under 10000 INR. Read out the difference here between LED Display and projectors.

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VisitekV3 Miracast LED Projector

This device is highly portable. It can be placed on a tripod stand or ceiling mounted by a single screw. It has an inbuilt Linux OS for screen mirroring. You can then wirelessly mirror things from mobile devices. It is compatible with laptops, PC, tablets, and smartphones. There is Wi-Fi that can be used for mirroring. You can get up to 150 inches of screen with this projector. This gives you a theatre experience! It comes with an inbuilt GPU decoder, and you won’t need an external PC to decode the content of movies, sound, or pictures. It has multi-connectivity options like 3.55mm for audio output, HDMI, HD Set Top Box, and VGA. The LED lamp life can span out to about 45 000 hours. It comes with an inbuilt 2W speaker. The brightness is supported by 2700 lumens. It has a 1500:1 contrast.

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As you can see, you stand a chance to enjoy theatre experiences daily! Do not let the trend pass you! This is an economical choice that is worth a try. I urge you to get one of the best projectors under 10000 INR and change your entire lifestyle! Live life king-sized! Remember, you only live once!

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