Top 10 Water Purifiers Under 10000 || Reviews and Buying Guide

With the growth in water contamination, the quality of water has diminished significantly. Our tap water occasionally is not that purified. Therefore, to be sure, it’s positively a good idea to have a Water purifier at home for the interest of protecting your family. So let us tell you about some of the best-branded Water purifiers under 10000 that clean your water and keep you away from diseases.

List of Top 10 Water Purifiers Under 10000

Firstly, Water purifiers separate the chemicals, things, and other substances present in the water to make the water clean and drinkable. It has made the water purifier an absolute requirement for each family. Secondly, there are many water purifiers out there on the market, including dynamic features and an affordable price. Here are some to guide you in your research.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight

This Purifier is one of the most fantastic Water purifiers under 10000.  It is suited to remove the bacteria from tap/borewell/groundwater. This water purifier includes RO+UV+MTDS technology that makes sure that the water that you consume is completely pure. This Aquaguard of 7-liter tank is 230 watts, which will reduce your power consumption and give you pure water.

Certainly, you can use this Purifier on 200-2000-TDS. This water purifier enhances the taste of water as per the source of water. Further, it conserves electricity together with the energy-saving mode that is off the power source automatically after the tank becomes full.

Key highlights

  • The Purifier carries up minimal space.
  • Comes with the technology of RO+UV+MTDS
  • Wait Capacity:- 7 litres
  • Power Consumption:- 40 Watts
  • Comes with Taste Adjuster:- MTDS
  • Smart purifier-LED indicator

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Blue Star Aristo RO+UF

The Blue Star Aristo RO+UF+UV is just another one of the excellent, affordable, budget-friendly water purifiers under 10000 that uses UV purification to purify the water from harmful germs. This is employed on the technologies of RO+UF to make sure the water is completely free of rust, heavy metals, crude particles, and other solids. At the end of the purification cycle, the UF membrane can be utilized to filter the dead particles of all microorganisms.

The six-stage purification method is teamed with an aqua taste booster, which enhances the water taste. Besides, it comes with a water dispenser through which you will get fresh and purified water for your use. One additional feature of the Purifier is ATD, which maintain the optimal pH amount of water.

Key highlights

  • Uses Aqua Taste Booster (ATB)
  • Wait Capacity:- 7 litres
  • High purification Capacity
  • Streamlined design with touch buttons for power.
  • Maintain the water pH level
  • Capacity to purify the water up to 12 litres/hour

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HUL Pureit Advanced 5-Ltrs RO+MF

Pureit is one of India’s most trusted companies, known for making quality consumer products for Hindustan Unilever. This Purifier makes hard water sweet and safe to drink by eliminating TDS. Further, the water purifier parts that come in contact with warm water are made of plastic that doesn’t enable any dangerous toxins to infect your water.

The tap was made to have a break-resistance around 50,000 times to make sure its durability. On the other side, the RO+MF water purifier guarantees total durability due to its material of construction. Also, Its Led indicators allow you to get the details regarding the purification procedure.

Key Highlights

  • Wait Capacity:- 5 litres
  • TDS removal up to 1800 ppm
  • Simple and compact design
  • Made with 100% food-grade plastic

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Kent Ultra Storage 7-Ltrs

If you are looking for a UV+UF technology water purifier, then Kent Ultra Storage is unquestionably among the very best water purifiers under 10000. This Kent purifier employs a Dual Purification process to provide you with pure water. To know more on how to chose the water purifiers, click here.

This Purifier removes germs and bacteria using a UV filter followed by the hollow fibre UF membrane filter to offer you pure drinking water. Also, its Activated Carbon Pre-filter eliminates bad taste and odour to provide you with fresh drinking water. It includes a water level indicator in the tank.

Key Highlights

  • Suited for tap/municipal water
  • Capacity:- 8 litres
  • Comes with UV+UF Technolo9gy
  • Its maintenance cost is very low

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Hindware Elara 7-ltr

Hindware Elara includes LED indicators for power, tankful, and purification process. The engineered super-performance filters help eliminate undesirable odours and chemicals from the water. Plus, it makes the water pure for consumption by removing harmful viruses and bacteria.

The water purifier has a 7- Litre storage tank and is acceptable for water from many sources with TDS around 1800 ppm. It effectively removes impurities and supplies 100% RO+UV+UF purified drinking water. It additionally provides extra Minerals that improve the quality and taste and also balance the pH of water. Overall it has immense health advantages.

Key Highlights

  • It uses RO+UV+UF+Minerals purifying technology
  • It has a gloss black finish and a stylish design
  • Suitable for the tabletop and wall mounting

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Livpure Glo RO+UV 7ltr

Livpure Glo is another best selling RO water purifiers under 10000 in India that Uses RO and UV techniques to remove suspended and dissolved impurities of pure water. This water has a 6 level process to remove all kinds of pollutants from water. This water purifier is also capable of purifying water with high TDS.

Water loss is reduced in this water purifier. An activated carbon filter is also provided. When there’s any odour in the water, then this filter removes it. There is also silver carbon filler, which removes organic impurities in water. Lastly, this pure water purifier gives pure drinking water.

Key Highlights

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • LED Indicators
  • It uses RO+UV+Minerals purifying technology
  • 1 year of product warranty

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Aquatecplus – Advance plus 12 ltr

Aquatec is an ISO certified brand that provides quality water purifiers at the best affordable price. So if you are looking for water purifiers under 10000, you can consider this. This RO+UV+UF+TDS includes a purification ability of 12 litres. It’s capable of removing up to 99% of pollutants, so you get water that’s pure and safe for drinking purposes.

The design features a compact size making it perfect for even the tiniest kitchen. It includes a complimentary free-filter for security and prolonged action. Moreover, High in durability and Exceptional in quality, the Purifier Features the Potential of 2000 TDS.

Key Highlights

  • Made with ABS food-grade safe material
  • It uses RO+UV+UF+TDS purifying technology
  • Capacity will be 12 L

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Kent Maxx 7-Litres

You can also opt for Kent max if you are looking for Water purifiers under 10000. This water purifier is quite useful for purifying clean water.  In UV filters, UV rays are used to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses present in water. But the body of the dead bacteria and virus remains in the water. Consequently, it can be dangerous.

The UF filter helps filter it out of the water. The water gets completely purified after passing through a UF filter. An activated carbon filter is also given in this Purifier to eliminate the smell of water. This Purifier is acceptable for filtering municipal water as well as domestic water. The detoxifying capability is 7 litres and is so simple to wash.

Key Highlights

  • Made with ABS food-grade safe plastic
  • It uses UV+UF purifying technology.
  • Have 11W UV lamp which inactivates all of the germs that present in water.
  • Purification capacity:- Up to 60 Liters per hour

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Acquaguard Amaze 7-Liters

Aquasure  Amaze is a streamlined and slickwater purifier under the 10000 budget range. It is outfitted with an advanced TDS regulator or MTDS in which it is easy to enhance the quality and taste of water as per the water source. It also comes with the energy-saving mode, which automatically off the power connection after the tanks become full. The device can be set up easily and will increase the sophistication of your kitchen.

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Key Highlights

  • Capacity:- 7 Liters
  • It uses RO+UV+MTDS purifying technology
  • Can be used for TDS 200 to 2000

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Eureka Forbes Aqasure from Aquaguard Crystel plus

The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus is just another one of the excellent water purifiers under 10000 that uses UV purification to purify the water out of harmful germs. It has a backflush that removes the stagnant water and keeps the filters clean. Plus, the water purifier has a voltage stabilizer that protects the water purifier and also ensures the Purifier works flawlessly during voltage changes or on very low voltage.

Key Highlights 

  • Capacity:- 7 Liters
  • It uses superior UV purifying technology
  • Free installation is provided on this product

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To sum up, we expect that we could assist you in discovering the best Water Purifiers under 10000. Above all, we promise you; you won’t feel upset after buying any one of our chosen products. However, do not get confused; with all these products, judge according to your needs, such as budget and requirements. The above water purifier will remain with you for years and you will enjoy healthy drinking water at all times.

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