Kitchen Appliances – List and Reviews – 2020

Are you thinking of purchasing appliances for your new kitchen or simply trying to improve the quality of appliances for your old one? If yes, you have come to the right place as this blog will help you with must-have kitchen appliances which make your life easier.

If your kitchen is yet to be stocked up with the best kitchen appliances, this is the time you invest. I really wish I had these items when I first set up my kitchen, but you know, better late than Never. Slowly and gradually, I am buying all of them to make my life simpler and saving my precious time. And definitely, these appliances are worth buying. So, Let’s get started.

List of Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Here are the list and best-reviewed kitchen appliances which you should not ignore and think of buying them to make your life a lot easier and time-saving.

Hand Blender

A hand blender is not only for blending food items, but it also helps in chopping the items. You can make a vegetable puree in it and chop the vegetables for your favourite ‘Raita’ using the blender. Moreover, you can use this to mash cooked veggies. Overall, it is one of the fantastic kitchen appliances which you must have in your kitchen to the more manageable and spill-less task.

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This pandemic has really tested and sharpened our baking skills. You must have felt the usefulness of microwave in your kitchen. If you want to munch on yesterday’s leftover pizza or treat yourself with a delicious homemade cake or any bakery items, or only if you’re going to reheat the leftover food, the microwave does it all. This appliance saves your time and hard work in the kitchen. Here are some of the best microwaves with the best reviews.

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The refrigerator is the most essential and common appliance in every household. You can buy your fruits and vegetable in bulk and keep them fresh for long. It serves you cold beverages, providing you ice for your drinks and saving your delicious ice creams from melting. As technologies are advancing, refrigerator comes with multiple useful features like keeping your fridge odour-free, moisture control in various sections of the refrigerator. Click on the below link to check out the best refrigerators with best reviews.

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Water Purifier

It is essential to have clean and pure water for drinking and cooking. As per WHO, more than 80% of diseases are waterborne. So the importance of water purifier is paramount. Municipal water contains chlorine and associated products which causes cancer, so it is vital to use RO based water purifier with mineraliser to drink water with optimum minerals and stay protected from contaminants that are present in normal municipal water.

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One thing we hate most while cooking is smoke and fumes of oil released. With modular kitchens, a chimney is a must. It will restrict the spread of odour of whatever you are cooking, and will exhaust heat and smell out of your kitchen. Chimneys are available in various design that would make your kitchen look more elegant. Check out the below link for some best-reviewed chimneys.

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The toaster is another common household item as it can do much more than toast. The best ones are the pop-up toasters. If you like to have a light yet quick breakfast, you can just toast your favourite brown bread and eat it with ketchup or just spread butter on the crispy toast. Check out some of the best toasters available.

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Sandwich Maker

One of the best appliance for working people, bachelors and teenagers too. In fact, kids with supervision can use it with perfection. If you are a sandwich lover, you can make it at home using a sandwich maker. It helps in evenly cooking of the bread. Further, it’s cost is reasonable, and the size is just perfect for every sized kitchen.

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Whipper/Electric Beater

Frankly, whipper is extremely necessary if you are ice cream or cake lover. This multipurpose appliance will help you in all your whisking, stirring, mixing, beating and kneading tasks. And you can prepare your favourites at the convenience of your home with the whipper. Check out some of the beaters here.

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Table Fan

With the scorching heat during summers, everybody wants to get cooled down, especially while cooking in the kitchen. Frankly, I always feel the need for a table fan in the kitchen. So I bought this Fan and found it really effective to get rid of the excess sweat from the body. And you won’t believe it, but it might increase the taste of your food as you would be able to spend your quality time in preparing the meals.

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Although not an essential kitchen appliance, however, if you have working family members and you are short of time, Dishwasher is Must. Hard to believe, but in today’s time, dishwashers are more efficient than hand washing. Moreover, an excellent rated and energy-saving dishwasher use less water than washing the dishes using hands. So, choose wisely while buying it.

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Grinder/Bullet Blender

Bullet blenders or Grinders help in making healthy smoothies, grind fine paste, soups, shakes and much more in a matter of seconds. You just need to put the ingredients in, lid on, blend, and it is done. So compact, convenient and easy to store and one of the best kitchen appliances for your kitchen. It is worth buying of you love preparing smoothies and shakes for your loved ones.

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Coffee Machine

Nothing elevates your mood and energy better than having a perfect cup of coffee in the morning. But making a perfect cup of coffee is not easy as it requires time and skill and time is luxury these days that everyone cannot afford. This is where you need a coffee machine that can make you a delicious coffee and saves you on time. So, isn’t it one of the fantastic kitchen appliances you should own?

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Another one of the best kitchen appliances you should have. The more healthy way to keep yourself healthier by preparing juices of almost every fruit or vegetable. It is never worth spending outside just to have a glass of juice when you can easily prepare at home with the help of a juicer. A bit of time taking while making juice at home, but at the same time, you are sure of hygiene.

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The reason I don’t want to cook in winters because I hate doing dishes with ice-cold water, so having an instant geyser reduces the pain of washing utensils in cold winter nights as you don’t have to wait for hot water after switching on the geyser. Moreover, you can remove oil and grease from your utensils easily with hot water.

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Induction Cooktop

If not for everyday use, but it will definitely going to help you in emergencies. If I talk about my kitchen, it helped me a lot when there was a shortage of Gas cylinder, or there were issues in the gas pipeline. It helped me when we shifted to another place, and stove arrangements were yet to be done. So, you should certainly think of getting one of the mind-blowing kitchen appliances at home soon. Here are some of the best ones.

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Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is another must-have kitchen appliance, and it is best if you want to prepare a meal for many, and you have three or four burners at home which are already preparing varieties. Not only for preparing rice, but you can also use it for steaming vegetables. Personally, I have used it for making Momos in it. So, isn’t it lovely?

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Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is another one of the must-have kitchen appliances as it is really beneficial in winters. As per my experience, it helped me a lot in winters to boil water. You can also prepare tea in an electric kettle; however, I have not used it yet for making tea in it. It is also recommended not to keep boiling water for long in the kettle as it is not suitable for health. The best part is that you can carry it along while travelling.

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Air Fryer

Air fryer was not very common earlier; however, nowadays, it has its importance. It is one of the best kitchen appliances you should own. No one wants to have oily and deep-fried food, as everyone is conscious of their health. So, this appliance has become one of the most necessary appliances to serve your guests perfectly cooked, oil-free, yet delicious snacks. Moreover, it is entirely Mess-free as you do not have to use many utensils to deep fry the snacks.

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Egg Boiler

If you are egg lover and it is your daily routine to have eggs in the breakfast, then hurry and get the egg boiler home to make your life a lot easier. The egg boiler works as a steamer, and you will have your boiled eggs in minutes. Plus, you can have control over how hard you want the eggs to be. It is definitely a time saving and space-saving appliance.

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Food Processor

Why not buy a single kitchen appliance for dicing, slicing, grating, chopping, juicing and much more. And what is that? A Food Processor. You just need to change the blades and process food according to your choice. It is really beneficial when you have guests and a large number of people at home as it is time-saving and processes food faster.

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Final Words

I hope I have been able to save your precious time and energy in checking out essential kitchen appliances in a single blog. You may find some of the items unnecessary as of now; however, you might find them necessary in your near future. Make sure you let me know in comments if I have missed om something significant.

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