Must-Have Gardening Essentials – To Plant A Garden Is To Believe in Tomorrow

After we are stuck in our homes to keep ourselves safe from the pandemic, we understood the importance of plants and gardening. And I must say the nation’s interest in gardening has risen since then. Some of us had a routine to visit nearby gardens or parks every mornings or evening, but we could not continue it due to the lockdown. So, many of us had thought of setting up a garden at home, and they were successful in doing so. So, If you are also thinking of setting up a garden at home, here are the must-have gardening essentials which you should consider buying.

Why Gardening at Home?

Gardening not only gives your home an aesthetic look but also has various health benefits. Caring for plants can do wonders for you. If you are not aware, let me tell you it can help in burning those extra calories. Are You Amazed? Yes, it is true. How? Since gardening requires a lot of hard work like Raking, pulling weeds, bagging leaves, planting flowers, etc., you can burn 300 to 500 calories per hour. So, start gardening.

Apart from this, it helps control your blood pressure, & spending some time outdoors is good for your bones. Moreover, if you grow fruits and vegetables at home, you make sure you are eating healthy. Gardening helps relieve stress because you can spend some quality time with yourself or your loved ones by shared gardening. At last, it makes you happier. So, Isn’t it the right time to start gardening because it is the right place to relax?

List of Must-Have Gardening Essentials


Seeds are the first and foremost must-have gardening essentials. You can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, grass, fruits, flowers, cacti, and succulents in your home garden. Eating healthy is all we need, and if you grow it at your home, you make sure that you are eating organic and healthy. And you know there is no greater feeling to see your plant growing from seeds in front of your eyes. And the best time to order garden seeds is in late fall and or by early winter.

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Fertilizers & Soil

Soil provides plants with a foothold for their roots and holds the necessary nutrients for plants to grow, and fertilizers provide additional nutrients to the plants. It will be best to spend on organic soil and fertilizers to ensure that your plants develop a healthy and strong root system. Organic fertilizers have high moisture retention quality and many natural enzymes and other plant nutrients, and they help soil substitutes add more life to your plants.

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Soil Test Kit

We set up a home garden only to stay healthy and eat healthily, and these three nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash, are needed for a healthy garden. Consider buying one soil test kit to check how much these nutrients your soil holds that you are using to grow your plants. Moreover, the soil test kit tests the soil pH level, moisture, and sunlight levels. It is necessary to make all the suitable adjustments to ensure that your plant gets all that it needs.

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Pots & Planters are another must-have gardening essentials and a great and inexpensive way to add color and texture to your home garden. They come in different sizes, looks, materials, and in various designs and shapes. You can get them as per your garden decor. If filling your home with plants adds extra life to your space, then elegant planters will give your home garden an aesthetic look. You can choose to buy wooden or ceramic planters for your backyard.

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There are various tools that you will need for gardening, and all have different purposes. Some of them are;

  • Trowel & Spade – helps in digging, moving soil, etc.
  • Bow Rake & Hand Rake – helps gather leaves, weeding, clearing debris, leveling soil, etc.
  • Pruner – basically scissors to cut small branches and twigs
  • Weeder – helps in pulling a weed
  • Loppers – helps in cutting thicker branches without needing a step stool
  • Hoe – helps in moving and shaping soil and weeding.
  • Mower or Grass Trimmer – helps in trimming grass or other plants that grow on the ground.

Read here to know more about gardening tools and what they do.

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Tool Bag

Organizing is a blessing. If you have a habit of organizing everything you do, I must say, your life is sorted. The tool bag or toolbox is another must-have gardening item you should consider buying to protect your tools and store them ideally. If you keep everything handy and together, it will be much easier to take care of your garden perfectly without any delays. It can be an excellent gift for a gardener. Most importantly, if you are looking to buy a toll bag, go for the waterproof one.

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Gloves with Claws

We all know the importance of gloves while gardening. It protects your hands from blisters and calluses, cuts and scrapes, minor bites, and infection from cat feces. Moreover, it keeps your hands and fingernails clean and dry. You can also invest in gloves with claws. It will be a perfect gardening tool that you can use for both digging, planting, fixing, and protecting your hands from injuries above.

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Sprayer/Watering Can


Watering Can is another must-have gardening essentials as we know that water adds life to the plants and garden. There is nothing more to say about watering can as there are many choices with the same purpose. However, it is recommended to buy the one with a narrow spout to send water to the root of a plant, without wasting any water. Plus, you can spend on a water sprayer or the one with both options.

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Lawn sprinklers are the must-have gardening essentials. It uses less water to spray larger areas; they are efficient and waters your garden quickly, saving you time. Moreover, it evenly spreads water across your lawn. It will be best to invest in the sprinkler that Provides better coverage and has 360 degrees of rotating action, rotating spray nozzles, and heavy-duty plastic material.

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Kneeler Pillow

Apart from the other gardening essentials, comfort is another thing we should not ignore. Here, I am talking about knee injuries that may occur while kneeling to do some gardening jobs. So, to make yourself more comfortable and avoid dirtying your pants, spending in the kneeler pillows is a good option. They will definitely provide a cushioned support for your knees. Try getting the washable one or if you are getting the waterproof one, make sure that it can be wiped and cleaned easily.

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Though gardening is fun, exciting, and enjoyable, we cannot deny that it is a messy job as it makes your clothes dirty. Aprons not only save your clothes from being soiled but also, you can carry small tools, seeds, and evening snacks in the pockets of your apron. It will be best if you buy a waterproof apron as it protects against damp soil and splashes. And, here are some natural sunscreens that will save you from sun tanning while gardening.

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Plant Tags/Labels

Plant Tags, Plant Labels, or Plant Markers don’t necessarily involve the plant’s name only; you can also get them with the instructions to care for the plant and its size, color, when it will bloom, etc. It also helps you remember the plant’s location and when you planted it, allowing you to monitor its growth. And by having instructions next to the plant, you can maximize its care and minimize buying the duplicates. Moreover, you can group the plants according to their type, and you can impress your visitors with your planting knowledge.

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Mosquito Repellent

Itchy, disturbing, and painful mosquito bites shouldn’t spoil your gardening fun, especially during summers. So, there are various options to save yourself from mosquito bites. You can buy mosquito repellent watches, bands, or patches, as well as incence sticks or repellent machines for the home garden. And the best way is to grow mosquito repellent plants in your garden, and some of them are Lavender, Rosemary, Mint, Garlic, Basil, Marigold, Sage, etc. These plants have become the must-have gardening essentials due to this reason.

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Garden CCTV

CCTV Cameras are not only used as a security device, but you can also use them to see exciting activities in your garden. Excited to know what exciting activities mean here? So, it is all about viewing anything from the blossoming of flowers to wildlife. You can also experience the nighttime visits of various animals; hedgehog, raccoon to your garden. It will be appealing to see the bird’s life from their entrance to the nest to feed their babies to their every moment.

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Garden Decor

Last but not least, garden decor is a must to make it talk of the town. I am sure you would want your friends who recently visited your place, compliments your garden. Like your home interiors showcase your personality, the same way, your garden can also become the window to your personality. Garden decor items may include metal butterflies, artificial birds, wind chimes, sculptures, outdoor candles, birdhouses, paintings, fountains, etc.

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Conclusively, these were the must-have gardening essentials that you should consider getting home before setting up a beautiful garden at your home terrace or a mini-garden in your balcony or front or backyard of your house. I feel I have mentioned all those essentials necessary for setting up a garden at home. However, if you think I have missed something, I would appreciate your suggestions to let me know of it to add that.

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